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My 360 creative reboot programme is especially designed for entrepreneurs in the creative industry who want an antidote to burnout. The imbalance of life and work will be addressed  to allow you to continue to have the freedom and lifestyle you desire. 

Work trips, endless client entertaining, shortening  deadlines, client demands for originality in line with tight budgets, meetings eating into your lunch breaks; these and other everyday responsibilities cause you emotional and physical stress leading to long term health issues.

Whether you’re experiencing fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, crazy hormones or a general sense of overwhelm, my programme will focus on helping you to feel your best possible self.

You’ll be guided to feel energised and confidant, ready to meet your daily challenges. Even if you feel you don’t have the time to plan or even prepare meals, can’t get to the gym or frankly, you hate the gym!

Let’s reboot your creativity, increase your confidence in making the right decision when your back’s against the wall and inspire you to take action to live life on your terms. 

What you can Expect from Your 360 Creative Reboot Programme 

 Personalised Programme

Consolidating my 4 pillars of health & happiness:

  1. Eat well

  2. Move well

  3. Think well

  4. Sleep well

The basics are:

  • Pre-consultation questionnaires and food & sleep diary completion

  • Tried and tested coaching tools to sharpen your focus to achieve your health goals

    • Food and mood diary

    • Wheel of life

    • Daily health audit

    • Wellness vision

    • Progress tracker

    • Progress checklist

  • Initial consultation and fortnightly 30 mins 1:1 coaching calls to motivate and support you to achieve your goals

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan offering solutions that can be done at your desk

  • Access to Functional Medicine testing to dive deeper into any issues if required at discounted cost

  • Supplements at a discounted cost

  • 24/7 email support for when good intentions go out the window!

  • Membership to my Private Facebook group

And a FREE BONUS giveaway of my Mini Detox Book with a complete 7 day food plan

Call me to have a chat by clicking on the button below to see how this personalised programme can work for you.

Further Details: 


Prior to our first meeting, I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather information such as your personal and family medical history and lifestyle. I may also request you keep a 7 day food and mood diary.


1:1 Consultation

During this time we will discuss your issues and symptoms and go through your body systems to assess functionality. We will also look at your lifestyle and eating habits taking into consideration your dietary, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Personalised Nutritional Wellbeing Programme

Based on your goals we will work together on creating a personalised programme to ensure long term health improvements. My aim is to optimise your health and wellbeing so you feel the best you can. We will find solutions taking into consideration your time, lifestyle and relationship with food. For example I dislike cooking (yes, even though I’m a nutritionist!) so if you do too, we can discuss ways to reduce your time in the kitchen.


I may also suggest supplements and Functional Medicine laboratory testing in order to dive deeper if you have long term issues. These tests, outside basic conventional medical tests, provide a much clearer and detailed picture of underlying causes of symptoms, therefore allowing resolution of problems previously difficult to address.


You will receive an emailed copy of your personalised 360 Creative Reboot  programme together with any supporting information, following our consultation.

During the Programme
Online and telephone support and wellness coaching is also available throughout the programme to help keep you on track to meet your goals. I’ll also be there to answer any questions you may have.



We will have a final meeting at the end of your programme to see how you have progressed and ensure you can support yourself moving forward.


The consultations can be at my central London clinic or online. 


So why not call me to have a chat by clicking on the button below to see how this personalised programme can work for you.


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